What the HELL is Popee the Performer? (seriously how was this for kids)

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    SabersparkSaberspark19 napja
    • No I'm actually sad that the series ended it was interesting he was right we don't get all the cool stuff in America

      wow I'm so small and adorable but we differentwow I'm so small and adorable but we different3 napja
    • @wow I'm so small and adorable but we different of joy or.....?

      EazyBreezyWasNotLostEazyBreezyWasNotLost3 napja
    • But I cant in my country :(( what do I do help

      Kyle is always with youKyle is always with you3 napja

      a H8mana H8man4 napja
    • So I watched the whole series and when I'm on the last episode a single teardrop went down my eye

      wow I'm so small and adorable but we differentwow I'm so small and adorable but we different4 napja
  • OMG kids are now learning guns

    erika vieraerika viera4 perccel
  • There is one episode that is not bloody it’s the 2nd season 10th ep

    Christian PowellChristian Powell34 perccel
  • Im actually scared wtf

    Lozy gamerLozy gamer53 perccel
  • 5:28 "And apparently the father of popee" Papi x popee shippers: 👁👄👁

    Mr CheeseMr CheeseÓrája
  • Me watching this:👶

    Nadine BurnettNadine BurnettÓrája
  • Meep

    sneaky escapistsneaky escapist2 órája
  • *william and flippy be like:*

    Life of The ÃftøñśLife of The Ãftøñś3 órája
  • 'popee fights god.' *WHAT.*

    Laa LaaLaa Laa6 órája
  • Pls do Funny Pets lmao that's such a anime

    Craig BrownCraig Brown7 órája
  • your evil

    SF VirtualSF Virtual9 órája
  • But why the blood

    Logen CobbsLogen Cobbs9 órája
  • "let's make a show, but not for kids." "so does this mean it's not a kid show?" "uhh.."

    SusSus10 órája
  • It's kinda disturbing to me. (ŏ﹏ŏ)

    cutie catcutie cat11 órája
  • This is basically the way gods work in old pantheon mythos. They do all this shit and then somehow they're fine.

    - Bee -- Bee -12 órája
  • Well try watching Shin Chan (it's a story about a I guess a real life kid who "Google" says passed away in a car accident)

    Trixie and the PjsTrixie and the Pjs12 órája
  • Popee is basically Madness Combat but 3D with the humor, blood, and comedy

    Super Evan AlmightySuper Evan Almighty12 órája
  • You know what they say! Not all animated films or shows are made for children! -Me.

    Cat is disappointed in your recent actionsCat is disappointed in your recent actions12 órája
  • Hai i like kedamono i am kedamono

    kedamono?kedamono?12 órája
  • The children: Mum, I wanna be like Popee The parents: 0-0 No.

    olivia savageolivia savage13 órája
  • 1:10 scari

    Gabriel Magiting V. DunganGabriel Magiting V. Dungan13 órája
  • This is look at little Tim Tim material

    GodlyCloud3GodlyCloud316 órája
  • Poppe is creepy and Scary

    Malachi WilsonMalachi Wilson17 órája
  • i like poopy the performer

    ToHO Cracked channelToHO Cracked channel17 órája
  • This has the same feeling of like, an old gmod/sfm animation back in the day. And thats not a bad thing. Its so random and violent and strange, i cant help but fall in love.

    Shadraw DragonShadraw Dragon20 órája
  • Thanks to AlrightPolyp here on HUworld, I watched and enjoyed this series several years ago xD I actually really enjoyed watching it, despite how disgustingly disturbing it was xD it's incredibly chaotic, but so good somehow... Also, Popee's name is pronounced more like "Pope-ee"

    Hotaru*Is*HereHotaru*Is*Here22 órája
  • Doom slayers childhood show

    Phaedra HoltzclawPhaedra Holtzclaw22 órája
  • I found this show at the exact right time

    lacks physical formlacks physical formNapja
  • so this is Happy Tree Friends but kids are SUPPOSED to watch it?

    Kalyna JacksonKalyna JacksonNapja
  • Dude a kid in my Online class told me to watch it but due I did and I’m paralyzed

    Lets PlayLets PlayNapja
  • Man i love that show you ruined it it so mega funny that show is POPEELUR

    Fansas C0Fansas C0Napja

  • American mothers: oh cool popee the performer this looks like a cute cartoon to put on for my child :> *After watching it for like 5 seconds* NOPE


    Diona The catDiona The catNapja
  • japan is wild, even american kids shows would never feature guns, let alone murder and suicide

    Gatsby AnimationsGatsby AnimationsNapja
  • I was wasn't believing it until he said it's from Japan then it started to make more sense.

    MYTH ThanatosMYTH ThanatosNapja

  • I used to watch this when I was a child XD I really liked it

    Niko NiNiko NiNapja
  • I watch this when I was a child I was like what are those things

    hoi world zomehoi world zomeNapja
  • Seems to me like something you'd see on Adult Swim at 3:00 am.

  • I'm addicted to it

    Maddie AnimationsMaddie AnimationsNapja
  • 1:04 my favorite part you’ll see

    Ripple RelaxationRipple RelaxationNapja
  • I finnaly das it back

    Walter Rocha celularWalter Rocha celularNapja
  • Is not for Kids and I love

    Safira_kawaii /monstersSafira_kawaii /monstersNapja
  • i thought we promised never to get creative again 😐 oh wait wrong show-

    Evelyn ParryEvelyn ParryNapja
  • Bill cipher made a kids show!

    Ari SenpaiAri Senpai2 napja
  • I’m even surprised Japan let this slide.

    MuffinMuffin2 napja
  • No I didn’t want sleep anyways

    B.P.G LIVEB.P.G LIVE2 napja
  • No bc this show bussin

    puzzled 6th graderpuzzled 6th grader2 napja
  • I love this. It seems real awesome. This is higher than JJBA levels of blood. This is the best thing in the universe.

    King of Gurkey TurkeysKing of Gurkey Turkeys2 napja
  • Hello! :D i new of this channel! And i also.... Sub to u.

    Manja MamaManja Mama2 napja
  • Me when im explaining what is on my minecraft server : 1:14

    Snitelul MagicSnitelul Magic2 napja
  • Pico school, madness combat, and poppe. Best brutal things to exist

    Qbix PolskaQbix Polska2 napja
  • Seems Like something Tom fulp would make

    GoogzGoogz2 napja
  • Sponsored by a good bed. How stupid does that sound.

    Brett RandomStuffBrett RandomStuff2 napja
  • Him:madness 11:41 My brain:madness combat

    Milan GrbićMilan Grbić2 napja
  • This show was my childhood haha, kinda explains why I'm myself now

    Nic & NickNic & Nick2 napja
  • phineas: Ferb? ferb: wha- phineas: I KNOW WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO TODAY

    zain khurshidzain khurshid2 napja
  • 6:08 "yeah good enough" XD

    Danny_ Radioactive alpha dog 1Danny_ Radioactive alpha dog 12 napja
  • Now, may I ask where you watched this? It seems like just the show for me😌

    Marleigh OlsonMarleigh Olson2 napja
  • 1:04 - 1:09

    The MoneyThe Money2 napja
  • I knew that this was for kids

    Raysa DrawsRaysa Draws2 napja
  • *Hears popee* | My mind: Popeye

    sunglasses emojisunglasses emoji2 napja
  • Lojey my favorite anime

    jonny jostarjonny jostar2 napja
  • 11:40 Me: madness combat

    xjacobawsomegamingxjacobawsomegaming2 napja
  • Me when hear they eat each other : VORE.EXE is running

    Diego Candelaria RosaDiego Candelaria Rosa2 napja
  • Can you do a review of ReBoot?

    кαωαιι иαмιкαωαιι иαмι2 napja
  • scary:(

    allain caradoallain carado2 napja
  • Japan, I love you, but for fuck’s sake, I feel like you could’ve gone with more blood-

    Vincent CampbellVincent Campbell2 napja
  • Super late for this vid but let me just say IVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO REACT TO THIS SHOW FOR A LONG TIME XDD

    Mlgaming!Mlgaming!2 napja
  • four words *its a tv show*

    StarburstGamezStarburstGamez2 napja
  • I have a secret love for this show...

    Ivy WIvy W2 napja
  • *idk why i liked that show when i was a kid idk why its just "creative " to me*

    • ericha animates • :D• ericha animates • :D2 napja
  • this is how you know he is a murderer

    Jordan AdamsJordan Adams2 napja
  • Yeah yeah, for kids......mhmm.

  • *Popee killing people* So it's basically a animation about me and the bois bois bois in a Online rated M and rated T game

    Ennard Aka Burnt SpaghettiEnnard Aka Burnt Spaghetti2 napja
  • People need to stop making trash shows

    ham -sleyham -sley2 napja
  • ( ; -_-)... Well I'm having nightmares tonight...

    Charlotte No.5Charlotte No.52 napja
  • That show sounds like america change my mind

    Kelly LeeperKelly Leeper2 napja
  • When fnaf is scary this is more than those tape vids for robot things and fnaf fan makes but this is more than nightmare fuel but than rip off but this is just nightmare fuel fuel more than fnaf nightmare fuel taps with how the dumb game has kids stuffed in suits but also it’s just nightmare fuel that how Scott got nightmares of Bonnie when there was a thing with his face in the back stage I think that made it but not any other robots why not the nightmares like nightmare Fred bear not that but Bonnie but this is nightmare fuel more than scary games like tjoc like how like that but this is more than any thing like cursed among us 3D bruh

    Minti SettleMinti Settle2 napja
  • “Mommy look a cute bunny with his wolf friend haha!” Well...

    Cassandra hates applesCassandra hates apples3 napja
    • @Binoo Bear hi.

      Cassandra hates applesCassandra hates apples9 órája
    • Hi Cass!

      Binoo BearBinoo BearNapja
  • Surprised he didn’t talk about the mirror episode lol

    Lo MeinLo Mein3 napja
  • Popee? I think you mean Poppy!

    Tomek OrzechowskiTomek Orzechowski3 napja
    • @Lo Mein I thought he mean Poppy The Troll!

      Tomek OrzechowskiTomek Orzechowski3 napja
    • No, it’s Popee

      Lo MeinLo Mein3 napja
  • Saw ALL the episodes , fell instantly in love with the show AND as an hobby animator It is what I wish I could create

    DarkDualityDarkDuality3 napja
  • Popee the performer [*adult swim*]

  • i had nightmares when I saw a thumbnail of a popee the performer when i was 8

    ADAYADAY3 napja
  • Okay that’s enough HUworld for me today, have a great day to the now disturbed minds 👩‍🦯

    [ SourNeina ][ SourNeina ]3 napja
  • LoL

    Akiimaa L2Akiimaa L23 napja
  • I grew up on this... Didn’t real how messed up it is... I’m not inlisted in the military and have a 20 confirmed kill count

    Grim Reaper2027Grim Reaper20273 napja

    Grim Reaper2027Grim Reaper20273 napja
  • the new editing style with the memes filling in was FANTASTIC!!! keep up the extra effort on the editing side! got some hard laughs outta me with the kid ipad bit

    Samuel SmeltzerSamuel Smeltzer3 napja
  • I have a show called shabbiat al cartoon

    Hamed AhliHamed Ahli3 napja
  • Ummmm eeeeeewwwwwwww

    Josefine Sejer JohansenJosefine Sejer Johansen3 napja
  • me when I was 5:oh whats this show *waches it* me when I was 5:oh god popee is a KILLER Ahhhhhhhhhhh *and then I got nightmars*

    senpai fnfsenpai fnf3 napja
  • Yup 😂 Popee the performer is my fav

    im_crap_lol _Officalim_crap_lol _Offical3 napja
  • yup not talking about japanese spider man having a gun

    Victor Jr.Victor Jr.3 napja
  • saber's r34 furry porn---- i thought that folder was just a bit with like, two pictures, until i saw the size was 66.5MB----

    MjaminMjamin3 napja
  • yes I used to watch this show and I still kinda do I have all episode don't ask to have one cuz Popee me friend ^ m ^

    Kumul HooksKumul Hooks3 napja
  • yup, I’m having nightmares tonight,.

    sunnyymayysunnyymayy3 napja
  • Snufkin with a knife and gun: Am I a joke to you? *Jk Snufkin I won't ily*

    SkylerSkyler3 napja