What the HELL is Peepoodo & The Super F*ck Friends? (I had to censor everything in this video lol)

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I've seen some graphic stuff before but this...this is something else
Check out the series here: peepoodo.bobbypills.com/
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  • No joke, this one is next level and doesn't hold its punches. God speed to those who check it out

    SabersparkSaberspark12 napja
    • @Chhxhxhdh 🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥⬛️⬛️ 🟥🟥🟥⬛️⬛️ 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥 🟥🟥 🟥🟥 🟥🟥

      Croissants Are GreatCroissants Are Great8 órája
    • Your always like "Seriously, how'd I get paid after talking about this", but when you actually look at the video, it's literally all blur and blooped words

      RezzvoirRezzvoir13 órája
    • Hey idk if you're reading this, but I have a movie recommendation! I highly recommend M*F*K*Z. I'm pretty sure it's still up on Netflix, so check it out while you still can, because it's a masterpiece!

      Luna EvergreenLuna Evergreen23 órája

      Puntti PossuPuntti Possu3 napja
    • @John Battmann sadly bruh you know what I'm gonna say right I DONT BELIEVE IN GOD (SORRY BUD :()

      daby boi craftdaby boi craft3 napja
  • They Where Right' This Had To Be One Off The Bench Biggest Middle Finger.

    Cool Dude 876Cool Dude 87620 perccel
  • I like How R34 thought about dedicate itself on kids show

    Bruno Martins de FrançaBruno Martins de FrançaÓrája
  • Happy tree friends that is brlutel

    Dinosaur HoffmanDinosaur HoffmanÓrája
  • How to forget this movie: Grab the holy water and bleach. Join Doomguy to attend the Bible study.

  • Fun fact : in French, Peepoodo is voiced by Brigitte Lecordier. She is (child) Goku's french voice !!

    Esteban BertrandEsteban Bertrand2 órája
  • This Is on newgrounds

    Fox Mj PlayzFox Mj Playz3 órája
  • Right! I never saw u make a video about happy tree friends before...oh I love that cartoon 😄👍

    Yuki AkaiYuki Akai5 órája
  • Can somebody explain to me why Netflix said no to this but said yes to Big Mouth?

    liamdude5liamdude55 órája
  • Soooo... I take it Ep. 3 is their... discussion, I guess... on the core fetish that is catered to by "Two Girls, One Cup?" Meh, Ep 3 is 4 minutes, how bad can it be? Yep, scatological fetishes... Hard pass from me. Though it _is_ pretty interesting that they managed to cram a bit on scatology, racial/cultural tolerance, and possibly even a statement on hypocrisy (Strubel needs a wet-wipe).

    Richard HanckRichard Hanck9 órája
  • Just from the clips shown, I can already tell that Balak and his crew enjoyed their childhood shows with all the references to super robot anime (plugsuits from NGE and a Grendizer reference) or anime in general (the bike from Akira). I'll find some time to watch this eventually. Thanks for introducing is all to it Saber.

    Nico DalusongNico Dalusong9 órája
  • I prefer watching it in French

    The H0r5eThe H0r5e12 órája
  • I prefer watching it in French

    The H0r5eThe H0r5e12 órája
  • omgoodness, omgoodness, omgoodness.... I went to watch an episode on their site. Just curious cause i'm like how did it ever make it to youtube if it was this that bad....As soon as the doctor showed up, i need a break to write this.

    sonicx059sonicx05913 órája
  • more like ice bear XD i honestly have a hard time believing Japanese networks would turn this down tbh lol.

    fruitsnackia2012fruitsnackia201215 órája
  • How do we contact SaberSpark i got the goods on a interesting animated car show.

    UwU FanUwU Fan16 órája
  • Despite leaning increasingly towards “centrist” over the past few years, I am not and never have been a Puritan when it comes to sexuality. That being said, I see some of the media coming out of France these days, and there’s a small part of me that thinks “f***ing degenerates.”

    Will RogersWill Rogers16 órája
  • Hey saber did you bring a box of tissue and lotion when you were watching this 😂

    Gavin ElrodGavin Elrod17 órája
  • I've learned something about my body on the episode with the elephant playing basketball , thats for sure lmao

    SavedSaved18 órája
  • OK but at 11:41 I got that Tiktok ad with the watermelon.

    Help meHelp me19 órája
  • To much for Netflix…but Cuties is ok,. K…. Goes to show where Netflix’s priorities lie and why they should be investigated.

    AshkihyenaAshkihyena19 órája
  • When saber got struck by lightning at 2:55 it cut to a craft Mac and cheese commercial

    Gamehawk_EVOGamehawk_EVO21 órája
  • It is a show that pushes some pretty problematic concepts- purely from the point of my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. And I'm not even talking about all of the stuff you'd think is problematic. The emphasis on knowing your own body and exploration of it, or the fact that there's genitalia everywhere for example. The creators had the chance to portray the kind of quality sexual education that, at the very least, I know many Americans don't receive in schools, and to bring up issues concerning that, and they decided to squander it whining about racism and how "Toxic masculinity bad >:^(" instead- among other things that could be explained and discussed much better on different platforms, both more easily and more in depth than in a five minute animation. And you can say "hahah it's comedy bro" And sure, yeah it is. It's a comedy show. But it's obvious that this show attempted to use comedy to explore some serious topics- and I just have to say that there are some shows out there currently that involve nothing but slapstick comedy and express absolutely no ideas at all that do a better job of bettering their audiences than this show does.

    Kaye HansenKaye Hansen22 órája
  • Yeah the moment I watch ep one I just watched the entire show

    Human Haker9Human Haker923 órája
  • You didn't blur this enough

    Lieutenant OctoLieutenant Octo23 órája
  • ...im legit dead...they ...my soul... gob... like Oof I donno wat ta say i mentally died inside Nux has ta whiff dis... gahhhhhh!!! dis is definitely not for da souls of the innocent...

    Anthony HubbartAnthony Hubbart23 órája
  • I mean. The message is good, the facts are right. I don't see anything wrong tbh

  • Its also on e621...

  • Saberspark: I'm not a furry but..... Also this show gives me Drawn Together type vibes!

  • Why did i just look that up

  • I've been interested in societies views on sex info since I was 9 years old and my mom tore a couple pages out of a science book that showed line drawings of the external anatomy of boys and girls. Probably one of the most fascinating books about it I've ever read is one called 'Good Sex Illustrated'. It's a French book, actually. In the 1970s, the USA was seen as a bastion of progress and education when it came to sex thanks to the Sexual Revolution. France, at the time, was seen as a prudish uneducated place on sexual matters (oh how the tables have turned). To deal with this, the French government commissioned the creation of a set of sexual education materials with different volumes intended for different aged audiences to convey a more modern and progressive view. And... they flubbed it. Likely without even trying or meaning to, every aspect of the sex ed materials they created continued to put forward the same antiquated beliefs without even realizing it. 'Good Sex Illustrated' goes through the materials they made and points out the ways this happened. Lots of stuff you probably wouldn't think twice about, but when you observe it from a distance, it becomes obvious how the material totally alienates young people by making it seem like the materials don't apply to them, and conveys all sorts of ideas about tying sex to reproduction despite most people having sex thousands of times in their lives (including many forms which simply can't result in reproduction) with only a few babies being produced. If you're American, you will recognize the flawed sex ed materials they pick apart, because they are very similar to exactly how our current antiquated beliefs are forced on people. Line drawings instead of photographs. When there are photographs, they are only of adults. This strands kids and leaves them no way to know if they are typical or bizarre, etc.

    Dustin RodriguezDustin RodriguezNapja
  • Funny. But it's somewhat educational?

    Jäger Meister_175Jäger Meister_175Napja
  • Quick Hell?

    Youtube UniversityYoutube UniversityNapja
  • Can you watch the second season in english?

    jussy the boijussy the boiNapja
  • Netflix, of all people(?), rejected it. LOL, they really should check what they upload then.

  • Oh... You found it too... Yeah too spicy to handle for my fucked up mind too.

    Fluff the SergalFluff the SergalNapja
  • ._. Is this Zootopia unchained?

    Nikolai NomadNikolai NomadNapja
  • My first thought was "why do grown adults need sex education" then I remembered that's a problem the US created. And that this would be a torture method viewing it in a classroom setting.

    Ezra F.Ezra F.Napja
  • I literally just watch the first episode... I am a change man 😐😐😐😐😐😐

    Joshua OrrJoshua OrrNapja
  • ...oh no!

    Brent AguirreBrent AguirreNapja

    Mathias LIENAFAMathias LIENAFANapja
  • The animation is reminiscent of Hero 108, except more animated.

  • After warching this video I watched all the Episodes: IT'S BRILLIANT! The entire Bobby Pills Production is full of Gems that you can watch on Black pills like: Nighttime stories and Nymphopolis wich is coming soon. They are also on Instagram! A very talented bunch indeed! These Bobbypills cartoons, Gaston, Mcbaise music and animations inspired me to learn french.

  • I actually want to go and watch this. This sounds super interesting.


    Node ZeroNode ZeroNapja
  • I've never seen this, but it's nice to know there are things for adults that are meant to be fun ways to learn about sex. There's a webcomic (pretty sure it's on webtoons, actually!) that's all about sexual education, and even has some relationship advice in there, which is cool. It's called "Boo! It's Sex" and involves the ghost of a sorority girl teaching our main characters about safe sex and things like that. It's of course not super...graphic, I guess you'd call it? But I'd say it's absolutely worth a read!

    Pikapower KirbyPikapower KirbyNapja
  • i did check it out, the first episode had me rolling on the floor laughing

    Peritash GamingPeritash GamingNapja
  • Peepoodo is pure wholesome fun.

    Kritios BoyKritios BoyNapja
  • I saw on internet city petreon it was so funny and disturbing

  • 1:25 count Duku of starwars

    Ben Marsh2007Ben Marsh20072 napja
  • Funny thing: I'm french, and if you change the "a" into a "e" in the name of the film maker "Balak" , you obtain the word "Balek", which is the short version of the french expression "s'en battre les c*uilles", which could be translated into "we don't give a f*ck"

    louve atakylouve ataky2 napja
  • Netflix didn't want Peep O do but still had Cuties

    LGBT Is That A Sandwich?LGBT Is That A Sandwich?2 napja
  • Kid : watched this what the

    Gabriel_prana_4A_14Gabriel_prana_4A_142 napja
  • What if he did helluva boss and hazbin hotel 👀👀👀👀👀👀

    Katepops05Katepops052 napja
  • Review "Kids vs. Wizards" next.

    Michelle TubandMichelle Tuband2 napja
  • I just watch it Eh it okay 🐈........ I don’t recommend it for the young boy and gorl- It kinda funny I laugh- it so funny But no young children-

    젤리 우스Gavin젤리 우스Gavin2 napja
  • A Sex Ed show for adults? Yeah, that's probably something that's really needed these days.

    Overly Positive FanboyOverly Positive Fanboy2 napja
  • I was like, "Okay, gonna watch it before I watch this video." And then after episode 1 & 2 I was like; *"What the fuck did I get myself into?"* But well, safe to say that I ACTUALLY learn something. Something that might help me greatly...

    Noren KokyujoNoren Kokyujo2 napja
  • I... honestly don't know what to think about it. One part of me is like "It's not that bad, you may learn something from it, besides you saw worse things" when the other part is like "KILLL ITTT, KILL IT WITH FIIIREEEE!!1!11!" It surely was... an *interesting* experience

    Ś͙̀a̷̠ͪd̜ͣ͘c͓̿̕a̟ͮ͠t͙ͥ́Ś͙̀a̷̠ͪd̜ͣ͘c͓̿̕a̟ͮ͠t͙ͥ́2 napja
  • It really doesn't help that Tuffalo sounds like Janja from The Lion Guard

    :: Kinqslayerr22 :::: Kinqslayerr22 ::2 napja
  • This is strange. I was just given an ad about this show on HUworld a few months ago when you can only find it on their website. Very bizarre...

    Andersans ComicAndersans Comic2 napja
  • I just found out yoututbe was created because there was no where to watch the Janet Jackson nipplegate video, after it happened. What happened to THAT website?

    doro626doro6262 napja
  • Why does it have to be a furry show tho

    The WeirdoThe Weirdo2 napja
    • why not

      huey kinniehuey kinnie2 napja
  • Why have you dug yourself into this pit?

    The WeirdoThe Weirdo2 napja
  • The show when your mom walks in

    Terminator 101Terminator 1012 napja
  • Im curious to check this out but im terrified even though its censored.

    jimmy nuetron from scooby doojimmy nuetron from scooby doo2 napja
  • I found this more enjoyable than Ren and Stimpy, but there are some boundaries that are. . .. But I can say that from episode 1 through 5, I had lots of laughter from the "loads". 🤣. Also, have an open mind (and an empty stomach) when seeing this cartoon.

    allarry4allarry42 napja
  • And this just happens to be the 1st video I see by this youtuber.😂

    Kyle MckinnonKyle Mckinnon2 napja
  • fun fact: Brigitte Lecordier, french voice actor of young Son Goku and noddy voiced peepoodo

    MelonwaifuuMelonwaifuu3 napja
  • i wasnt abale to find it

    Emperorturtle 2005Emperorturtle 20053 napja
  • No joke, in my school, the called all the girls and had a lesson in the cafeteria about periods, and puberty.

    Issy' sweet storeIssy' sweet store3 napja
  • Hehe. FURRY SPARK.

    Charles GoldbergCharles Goldberg3 napja
  • Peepoodo is just a wubsy adultified XD

    Tails_and_LiquiirTails_and_Liquiir3 napja
  • I find it rediculous that they would ban this and keep something like happy tree friends...

    Tails_and_LiquiirTails_and_Liquiir3 napja
  • So you tube is turning into ignorant, arrogant prudes with a feeling of superiority clothed in purity.

    invader horizongreeninvader horizongreen3 napja
  • Thank you. Whatched all of season 1 just now.

    DarkAngel52321DarkAngel523213 napja
  • HUworld wants to be clean HUworld Ads: Alcohol, Tits, Pyramide scams and questionable Phone Games

    Kurt WagnerKurt Wagner3 napja
    • HUworld Ads: School shooting, Homophobic, News, and Politics

  • Netflix literally had Drawn together! What the what?!

    TheLarryestOf HallTheLarryestOf Hall3 napja
  • The reason he has to sensor everything because HUworld is holding his family hostages and his dog

    hankhank3 napja
  • Sorry no go on trans positivity no grounds on it. *sip tea* Your gender is final at birth it's not a choice, it's just you. When I say you I mean your body. Change it how you like but buddy your not changed lol. Take your meds.. its changing the norm but its changes nothing you want. *sip tea*

    Blue BallesBlue Balles3 napja
    • Wrong definition of gender. Maybe do some actual research if you're gonna be a tea-sipping prick about it.

      Yolo ChipYolo Chip3 napja
  • Hey saberspark you like Christian movies weld review Adventures of faith

    it's the fire phoenixit's the fire phoenix3 napja
  • Bruh I can’t stop watching that series dude. Like for real I watched a reaction about it and then I watch like 12 episodes, no cap no wahshit.

    Waluigi WarioWaluigi Wario3 napja
  • I went and watched it and it's basically a snapshot of early 2000's macromedia flash animations. Go back to 2002 and episode 3 wouldn't shock anyone.

    DaminiteDaminite3 napja
  • Netflix wouldn’t touch it yet they have 0 issues showing cuties

    CyberDanceCyberDance3 napja
  • This is the most Post-Newgrounds Era Cartoon of all time.

    doliio volaydoliio volay3 napja
  • Netflix: it's to sexual. Also Netflix: we want breaking bad. Which is about Methane which is a very bad drug. And they kill a child and more.

    Alex MasonAlex Mason3 napja
  • Sus 4.37

    Cartri • 12 years agoCartri • 12 years ago3 napja
    • This video was great and i found this cool new series from it, but can we talk about how saber said "unlike me expressvpn is tight as hell"

      doliio volaydoliio volay3 napja
  • Amogus

    ChddrChddr3 napja
  • You need to review Interspecies Reviewers the anime.

    sysablesysable3 napja
  • prodused by blackpill is all i needed to instantly disregard it as more leftist propaganda and to stay very far away

    Damon KnightDamon Knight3 napja
  • Saberspark : makes a video about peepoodo Also saberspark censors it and bends the knee to HUworld But seriously I bet that knee bending is hurting next time don’t fold under youtube pressure they don’t know how things work they have no rights

    charlie magne chancharlie magne chan3 napja
  • HUworld had no legal right removing peepoodo that’s discrimination

    charlie magne chancharlie magne chan3 napja
  • It's more comedy than education given the sudden exploding terrorist in the background and a clearly-not-kid's-show sun. I've seen raunchier stuff on reddit. The episodes are so short too. Btw... there's a point to that episode you didn't watch through: a punchline.

    Adam PAdam P3 napja
  • God damn my brain for searching this up 😭😭

    GhoulishRaider1134GhoulishRaider11343 napja
  • Just saw ep 1 and honestly that was a bit too much for me

    The One Who FellThe One Who Fell4 napja
  • Yeah I'd kill it too if it was by my choice

    smo kersmo ker4 napja
  • hehehehe

    Addison TrippAddison Tripp4 napja
  • Hey Saber you should check out numberjacks

    drista gamingdrista gaming4 napja
  • i just regret searching it up

    TrashyTrashy4 napja
  • i wont even dare watching the vid

    Molybd3numMolybd3num4 napja