What the HELL is Judas and Jesus? (I'm going to hell for this lol)

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Check out Judas and Jesus here! - vimeo.com/ondemand/judasandjesus
Judas and Jesus is easily one of the most spicy things I've ever reviewed on my channel. I mean, it's a furry adult animated short comedy about the BIBLE...brace yourselves...
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  • Check out Judas and Jesus here! vimeo.com/ondemand/judasandjesus

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    • why must you give us this link

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    • E

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    • 😀wut

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    • Yes

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    • Lord help

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  • the best part about this is right next to the video the first thing on the up next category is the actual movie

  • I watched it some years ago and I'm not ashamed to say that I enjoyed it,I liked that you did not criticize it just because "furry p0arn bad >:(" but made an interesting analysis of it. Also that take on european humor is very true,good video man.

    Loli Loli AnimationsLoli Loli Animations2 órája

    Laz_Laz_4 órája
  • I'm sorry but the thumbnail looks like toriel ;-; from the HIT! INDIE GAME UNDERTALE

    HappyEgg149HappyEgg14911 órája
  • It honestly worse than peepoopoo and the f friends

    Maple PlaysMaple Plays15 órája
  • at the end fuck bro i dont want to ask

    Harrison FlaimHarrison Flaim18 órája
  • 7:55 me try to explain the math

    Dennis MartinezDennis Martinez23 órája
  • you have to react to the Jehovahs witness animations. they are religious, ridiculous, and Blatently Homophobic and Ridiculous

    Southern Pennsy RailfanSouthern Pennsy Railfan23 órája
  • Hentail

    · Ink!Sans ·· Ink!Sans ·Napja
  • This show is terrible didn't do not this allow these kids to watch this but is allowed adults watch this remember do not watch this video the real video

  • 1-I've been Reincarnated into a human for a reason not this one 2-....I can't go to any of those places the worst place than hell is a void a dark pitch black void with nothing in it at all and you're supposed to rot there for all of eternity....yeah but anyways I'm going to do the most holiest thing at this point

    Star LightStar LightNapja
  • what kinda straight bullshit.. edit: holy shit, i cant believe i actually rented this thing and watched it my expression the whole time was just confusion and shock

  • I’m more concern about the sheep & goat thing

    It’zSAKI_ summer127It’zSAKI_ summer127Napja
  • I hate to break it to you, other people review these types of animations

    Pump daddy CPump daddy C2 napja
  • Saberspark... All I need to say is that I should have listened

    The UnkownThe Unkown2 napja
  • THATS what -8 was referencing

    Daisy VowDaisy Vow2 napja
  • we're all screwed

    GrubbsGrubbs2 napja
  • OH my heart skipped a beat hen you mentioned Super Ted

    DarkDualityDarkDuality2 napja
  • i actually remember seeing this short online when i was young (maybe when i was a preteen?)

    G GG G3 napja
  • As someone who beat DOOM Eternal on the easiest difficulty. It can't be that bad

    the ultimate Shadowgun mercenarythe ultimate Shadowgun mercenary3 napja
  • Oy Vey !

    Janafal FallenskyJanafal Fallensky3 napja

    Paul NguyenPaul Nguyen3 napja
  • I am laughing i was talking about this movie with someone and 2 months ago when this video released it was free now you have to buy it

    sam cablesam cable3 napja
  • The post-credit scene was awesome.

    The Theme FiendThe Theme Fiend3 napja
  • this show was the one that me feel bad for jesus

    SeraphimSeraphim3 napja
  • What I find interesting is that this got an age rating of 16 and not 18. Just blows my mind a bit.

    DengresDengres3 napja

    David CortinaDavid Cortina3 napja
  • What the HELL is Gay Pur-ee?

    David CortinaDavid Cortina3 napja
  • What the HELL is Davy and Goliath?

    David CortinaDavid Cortina3 napja
  • 8:10 he really went all out on this, editing must’ve been a pain

    Overcooked peanut butterOvercooked peanut butter3 napja
  • see yall in hell

    Teandre WillisTeandre Willis4 napja
  • whelp

    Teandre WillisTeandre Willis4 napja
  • I better get this video's link off my history tab as soon as possible

    ApiqAcani#2ApiqAcani#24 napja
  • hmmm black goat hmm

    AvrahamAvraham4 napja
  • I paid money to see this shit 😂 But it actually wasn’t that bad. If it weren’t for the religious theme, no one would really care that much...

    Xosmenfj NaicndndjXosmenfj Naicndndj4 napja
  • Raycon... Still... Sponsored this video...

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  • My HUworld purchases now have this scar on it. Thanks saber

    Ian LammIan Lamm4 napja
  • Don't worry I know I'm going to hell already. Fing excited

    AuTheWolfAuTheWolf4 napja
  • as native hebrew speaker the style of the title of the movie hurts phisicly it looks so much like hebrew uuuh confusion

    Church of EgChurch of Eg4 napja
  • While he's doing this youtube is writing down his every move

    Candy LoeraCandy Loera4 napja
  • Honestly I'm a Christian (Dad's a pastor too) but i have no problem of people making fun of Christianity as long as they are respectufl with it. For example not bashing over the head for people saying they believing in GOd.

    david fitzpatrickdavid fitzpatrick4 napja
  • Honestly, the short is more funny and satirical than it is offensive (unless you are, like, very much into Jesus and the bible). And sure, there is nudity and sex, but how is that offensive? The part where Judas drops his sneakpeak photos is offensive as he took them without consent I guess. I kind of think that the most offensive thing is the mob-hanging of Judas tbh

    CarbonheadCarbonhead4 napja
  • I watched it... You shouldn't...

  • Honestly, the censoring is funnier than saying the words. XD

    SilverserriSilverserri5 napja
  • 12:00

    cauliflowercauliflower5 napja
  • Touhou AND Senko bread? Saberpark may be more cultured than I thought.

  • Me: jesus touhou is everywhere now and days this video should help Touhou Project: 2:20

  • I have to die and be revived again bleach my memory 12 times a day to forget it. And know the FIB needs to know why I want holy water but I don't think that gonna do any good. So Am probably just gonna have this stuck in my head for 80 years till I so yeah if you guys have any other better things then bleach and holy water to cure my eyes please it say in the reply's below. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

    Scritts PlaysScritts Plays5 napja
  • My eyes burn.

    Vicente HernandezVicente Hernandez5 napja
  • Furry

    Aiden AidenenAiden Aidenen5 napja
    • Fürrÿ

      Croissants Are GreatCroissants Are Great9 órája
  • You should cover monster lab by meat canyon, its cursed, wholesome and funny at the same time, it only has three episodes out, so already a long way to go..

    Michele HastingsMichele Hastings6 napja
  • Welp, off to hell we go!

    PixEndstar53PixEndstar536 napja
  • WHAT

    ManlordManlord6 napja

    SoggyPugsSoggyPugs6 napja
  • Shit-

    Eri !Eri !7 napja
  • I need bleach.

    Eri !Eri !7 napja
  • khazoo : no soy furry saberspark : im a not a furry if you a latin american person or usa you can hear the joke

    watercat studios,I,N,Cwatercat studios,I,N,C7 napja
  • bye i,m going to die now

    Gabriel SuttonGabriel Sutton7 napja
  • If you scroll down long enough you can see were to buy it

    Donna ChisholmDonna Chisholm7 napja
  • Those people who made the movie should go to hell and this movie is making my eyes burn so I’ll stab two kunais on my eyes and then get two futuristic mech eyes.

    Inkling GamingInkling Gaming7 napja
  • The censoring i can see through it

    Banana ManBanana Man7 napja
  • wen you just put memes to blur that part of the video i cant stop laughing XD

    glitter timeglitter time7 napja
  • This cartoon is cleary a joke and critics about chtistianity. Ancient Gods and Goddes allow easily free sexuality as a good thing. Luckily I'm worshiping a pagan Goddes, so allow me to do what I want with my body without restrictions Atheism allow it too

    Fluff DragonFluff Dragon7 napja
  • Deliver from my Enemy’s Oh my God, Defend me from them that rise up Against me, Defend from the Workers of Iniquity and Save me from Bloody man. Awake to Help Me. And Behold.

    AlvinpostmasterAlvinpostmaster7 napja
  • Not the worst thing

    ̇̇7 napja
  • Yeah demonetizing

    27pinkdiamond27pinkdiamond7 napja
  • I remember super Ted Teddy Ruxpin and quite a few others that probably aren't remember like fantastic Max which I recently found out was a British TV series

    Eliander ValderenEliander Valderen7 napja
  • As I scroll through comments, I see the film in my recommends..

    Samantha MessererSamantha Messerer7 napja
  • What RUINED Wallace and Gromit?

    David CortinaDavid Cortina7 napja
  • mhm...we never speak of dis agen lads

    Thomas YowThomas Yow7 napja
  • ... I watched it.. I-.... oop

    Kuz YnotKuz Ynot7 napja
  • I’m a crow... I see through the censoring... I need therapy

    CrowCrow7 napja
  • This video is almost at the level of Shrek's drunk review.

    ErmetErmet7 napja
  • XD I LOVE THE SCENE WHERE JESUS IS SHOVING CROSSES IN THERE FACE I feel like that was atleast a appropriate joke lol

    Leeah CressLeeah Cress8 napja
  • okey but there is lyteraly no free link for this movie anywhere on the internet LIKE TPB does not have it and let me tell u i am not paying with my card for this monstrosity

    marek pastyrikmarek pastyrik8 napja
  • Presss the like button too repent and repent irl too god

    Leeah CressLeeah Cress8 napja
  • *praying*

    Leeah CressLeeah Cress8 napja
  • begs usr not to watch this anYway heres the link

    marek pastyrikmarek pastyrik8 napja
  • is saberspark a furry?

    Pablo CummingPablo Cumming8 napja
  • Funny thing is I already knew I was going to hell out of lust and stuff like this lol see you guys there

    Ser StolasSer Stolas8 napja
  • As a Christian, I found this hilarious.

    Alexx RileyAlexx Riley8 napja
  • My mind "is that torial?"

    Star VeiwerStar Veiwer8 napja
  • i can already see whats happening in judas's birth.... ugh

    SonicallySonically8 napja
  • As a European, the defensiveness of some Americans with Christianity is insane lmaoo. Being against Sexual stuff too. They’re so pressed and I don’t get it 🤷‍♀️

    AliceAlice8 napja
  • "We are all going to hell for watching this video" I knew I was going to hell, but I didn't know this will be the main factor of why

    Hail ChocolateHail Chocolate8 napja
  • wait this isnt bible

    HozicHozic8 napja
  • Also wanna say the music for this short was well chosen and a bop.

    Junela AnankeJunela Ananke8 napja
  • It’s legit the story of Jesus, just put in a way that’s “different” with “spice”

    Wolf Morfa: The Thunder SquadWolf Morfa: The Thunder Squad8 napja
  • Did this movie come out when I was born

    LitlexLitlex8 napja
  • I luv that cartoon =D

    O- ruffO- ruff8 napja
  • Oh man lol I saw a reference to this years ago in a minus 8 animation(another very interesting Coghs coughs adult...animators/artist). Beep beep Ima sheep is the one in question lol.

    SchwarzwaldSchwarzwald8 napja
  • Why does that sound like Bible fan fiction

    Radragontv1Radragontv18 napja
  • Saber: We're all going to hell Me: Well it can't be worse than what the world is right now

    Matthew SuntkenMatthew Suntken8 napja
  • It’s furry I’m going to kermant sueoside

    KingFlyFastKingFlyFast8 napja
  • jesus didn't die for this

    darkdimeondcaden vlogsdarkdimeondcaden vlogs8 napja
  • Having known about Judas & Jesus for a few months after it first hit youtube I have to make one correction Saber. This isn't spicy at all. It burns like an S.T.D.! A raging crotch inferno made from Hellfire! And a very nice touch using the blurred pics of Mary as art in the Ferris Bueller's Day Off movie clip too!

    Synnastyr KuhrSynnastyr Kuhr8 napja
  • "Religious furry" I feel an oxymoron right there...

    *Steel Beam**Steel Beam*8 napja
  • I just hit my head on a fucking nail and I can't tell of this is real or not

    Frog in A bucketFrog in A bucket8 napja
  • Spicy 🥵

    Rachael KingRachael King8 napja