What the HELL is Finding Jesus? (yes this is real)

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So there's a ripoff of Finding Nemo that is Christian...and racist? Wtf...
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  • PRAISE (fish) JESUS

    SabersparkSaberspark3 hónapja
    • *agreed*

      Sadness6365 32Sadness6365 32Napja
    • Hallelujah!

      Waffle BoyWaffle Boy7 napja
    • Amen, and hallafisha!

      SWAMPuSSWAMPuS7 napja
    • @Liza Larsen Oh ok I will watch it

      Saniya O'BrienSaniya O'Brien8 napja
    • Praise fish great fish great fish

      ERI Gate Systems ER Innovations, IncERI Gate Systems ER Innovations, Inc9 napja
  • Je"SUS" 😭😓😩😱

    just some onejust some one4 órája
  • I am Christian, and according to this film, since I suffer with MDD, I will go to hell for being depressed.

    ThoriumThorium11 órája
  • h aa 'crys' comrade of russia true comrade 10:58

    Mark AndrewMark AndrewNapja
  • I watched the movie and couldn't find Jesus T-T

    Micheal GoudarziMicheal Goudarzi2 napja
  • I feel like this is a good place to mention that as a Christian myself, it actually disgusts me that homophobic, racist, antivax, flat-earthing Karens use their "Christianity" to justify their childish behavior. I believe in God,, and also that science is real, every race matters, and we should love and respect our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. Rant over, stay safe gamers ✌

    Meme TeamMeme Team2 napja
  • Ms puff???? house?

    Kaley SummervilleKaley Summerville3 napja
  • When I was a kid I always thought these were the movies that all the super Christian parents gave their kids to watch lol

    HelmiHelmi3 napja
    • Lol no I grew up Christian and still am but we watched so many different kinds but not horror well only the real ones like documentaries but nothing with lots of cussing like my dad let it slide but my mom don’t only really animated Christian movies we watched was veggie tales like once or twice then the prince of Egypt

      Help me I’m drowningHelp me I’m drowningNapja
  • God is the best the movie is the opposite of the best

    Daniel HogueDaniel Hogue4 napja
  • some people love riping off christians oof

    Xander SXander S4 napja
  • I legit got a Christian ad during this video

    Stormy the catStormy the cat4 napja
  • Finding Jesus is *the woooorrrst* That lighten my life up 😩👍

    Cookie_QueCookie_Que4 napja
  • So, the fish are turning Christian now?

    CarlitosCarlitos5 napja
  • Check out triassic Park or sharknado or even the incredible Bulk yes its real the company producing those movies make a lot of ripoffs

    Ishak KanatIshak Kanat5 napja
  • I fail to see why Mr. Sushi is racist but I do agree this film is horrible.

    Charlie JorgesonCharlie Jorgeson5 napja
  • Spark: there is like 20 ripoffs of it? Also Spark: •shows a book that was made before finding nemo• Me: well time to change my tier list of best reviewers

    Matt’s Video AdventuresMatt’s Video Adventures5 napja
  • What next? Finding Allah?

    phone guy peterphone guy peter5 napja
    • Finding Yahweh? Finding Buddha? Finding Science?

      HelmiHelmi3 napja
  • Damn....protestant bible animation in a nutshell😂 the absurd one is the mormon 70-80's version

    Bryan AkBryan Ak5 napja
  • Wait..you tellin me Toe-jam and Earl were partially responsible for this catastrophe?

    Karnivore VolpeKarnivore Volpe5 napja
  • 7:00 Sabrer's brothers

    DaNewJrickDaNewJrick5 napja
  • pierro le poisson clown is the original finding nemo it was released in 2002

    DaNewJrickDaNewJrick5 napja
  • Christians are supposed to spread the good news... this is not how.

    Vorrin3205Vorrin32055 napja
  • finding whatheck

    Sean HendersonSean Henderson6 napja
  • You really don't like Jesus... Jesus saves and you are very ignorant. The KJV of The Bible will give you a clear understanding of what's up. Good day God bless

    Kenia Laura FleurentKenia Laura Fleurent6 napja
    • @Helmi okay so I'm not allowed to say what I want now??

      Kenia Laura FleurentKenia Laura Fleurent3 napja
    • Oh no i knew that these people would be in the comments…

      HelmiHelmi3 napja
  • Fun fact: the name nemo translated on latin is "no one" So all this time the show is all about no one or "finding no one"

    Ledi damayantiLedi damayanti6 napja
  • As a christian i can say that there is no idea as of why finding nemo is not christian “safe”

    JameisonAus_YouTubeJameisonAus_YouTube6 napja
  • I'm aFISHally!!!!!

    James VinsonJames Vinson6 napja
  • #saveShrok

    StuBeensStuBeens6 napja
  • This movie is great, and muggles hits hard.

    TheTixNoobTheTixNoob7 napja
  • someone:racist* me:NANI?𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲𝘀 𝗳𝗹𝗶𝗽 𝗳𝗹𝗼𝗽*

    ᴘᴜʀᴘʟᴇ_ᴅᴜᴅᴇᴘᴜʀᴘʟᴇ_ᴅᴜᴅᴇ7 napja
  • Instead for “im officially” let’s do “I’m a fish”

    Cursed Tom ✔️Cursed Tom ✔️7 napja
  • saber, can you post the picture of jesus holding joy the fish somewhere? I need this in FULL please. 10:30

    ShibbieShibbie7 napja
  • I’m Christian and this makes me scared.

    Disaster childDisaster child7 napja
  • Lmao that line that says "You might be not of our same species,But we think of you as family" I don't know seems racist to me.

    Marcus The HandsomeMarcus The Handsome7 napja
  • finding sus

    Kathy RogersKathy Rogers7 napja
  • Muggles looks like someone I wouldn't want to leave alone with children.

    Spooky HoganSpooky Hogan8 napja
  • Kid: Can we get Finding Nemo? Mom: No we have Finding Nemo at home Finding nemo at home:

    CallmeCoveCallmeCove8 napja
  • Anyone else finds the sea backgrounds incredibly ominous and empty?? Like in 7:44 and 8:39. Look at that water above. It moves in a really unnerving way...

    *Steel Beam**Steel Beam*8 napja
  • RIP Fish Jesus. He died for your fins.

    *Steel Beam**Steel Beam*8 napja
  • finding jesushi

    BloothyBloothy8 napja
  • the move Pierrot Le Poisson Clown at 0:59 technically isnt a ripoff as it came out before nemo, but i dont wanna argue

    The Chezburger TruckThe Chezburger Truck8 napja
  • Im a christian and if i saw this i would never buy this W h a t i n t h e h e c k i s t h i s This movie had me at being racist 🤦 no it actually had me at being a rip off but being a racist movie was just- a worse add-on

    the wonderthe wonder8 napja
  • More like Finding Je SUS Amirite?

    • Judas was the imposter

      EddyKidPlayzYTEddyKidPlayzYT8 napja
  • I am Christian and sushi is made of no

    ERI Gate Systems ER Innovations, IncERI Gate Systems ER Innovations, Inc9 napja
    • What?

      EddyKidPlayzYTEddyKidPlayzYT8 napja
  • 11:37 Why its sounds like a methamorph of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Reverend Lovejoy being sarcastic tho?

    qwert 77qwert 779 napja
    • Lmaooooo

      EddyKidPlayzYTEddyKidPlayzYT8 napja
  • Atleast padak is not a rip-off

    TenseiLoverTenseiLover9 napja
  • Shark bait wasn't really a finding nemo rip off, more like a shark tale one

    Ms UltimateCringeMs UltimateCringe9 napja
  • The sad thing is that Wownow has EVEN MORE aliases than the ones you mentioned, like Ruthless Kids

    NancerOneNancerOne9 napja
    • “What are you talking about, we’re totally not the same company” - all WowNow’s aliases

      EddyKidPlayzYTEddyKidPlayzYT8 napja
  • The title alone is everything

    PearlescentPearlescent9 napja
  • I'm atleast somewhat convinced this Christian movies are made by atheists to try to see what they can pass off

    Ryan MansfieldRyan Mansfield9 napja
    • Probably tbh

      EddyKidPlayzYTEddyKidPlayzYT8 napja
  • finding Jesus,isnt Jesus high up in the sky prob above the sky

    BeatriceBeatrice9 napja
  • next: finding hitler

    Galileo ChiuGalileo Chiu9 napja
  • 7:21 that’s not how it worked

    Antonio CasiasAntonio Casias9 napja
  • Um excuse me Dreamworks shark tale is not a rip-off of finding Nemo not by along shot

    Antonio CasiasAntonio Casias9 napja
  • wait why did he bleap "and earl: back in the groove" at like 2:50

    HilaRIocitiiHilaRIocitii9 napja
  • Mr. Sushi feels like a character someone made as a tribute to some older Japanese friend who may or may not be okay with outdated stereotypes, except he's voiced by someone who I'ma assume isn't at all Asian. also why is Mark Hamill in like 2 of the Finding Nemo ripoffs? I know he has bills to pay but c'mon.

    Panda-s1Panda-s19 napja
  • *fInDiNg JeSuS* Wait wha- Jesus is under water- (This is a joke comment)

  • Pffff HAHAHAHA this is BAD

    Mariusz OkłaMariusz Okła10 napja
    • True

      EddyKidPlayzYTEddyKidPlayzYT8 napja
  • Yes, this movie really needs to find Jesus #SaveKJshrock

    PxchyCreamDreamsPxchyCreamDreams10 napja
  • Lessssss goooooooo 👉😁👈

    Kamal A.L. CepedaKamal A.L. Cepeda10 napja
  • Omg I got a Bible ad-

    •mintxz plays••mintxz plays•10 napja
  • as a christian I still hate this

    PixelPixel10 napja
    • Same

      EddyKidPlayzYTEddyKidPlayzYT8 napja
  • #savekjshrock

    Świat Skalmara ObłynosaŚwiat Skalmara Obłynosa10 napja
    • #savekjshrockandthenobliteratewownow

      EddyKidPlayzYTEddyKidPlayzYT8 napja
  • Guess what, Pierrot Le Poisson Clown is not a rip off of Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo copied the idea of Pierrot Le Poisson Clown.

    Zahra NoorZahra Noor10 napja
  • Ripoffs/mockbusters of The Amityville Horror Amityville Terror (unbelievably gory and inaccurate) Amityville Haunting (haven't seen it but I've heard it's known as one of THE worst horror films EVER made) You should try starting a channel just like this one but with horror movies instead of these, or just use this channel lol

    NeonFoxNeonFox10 napja
  • 5:43 that movie looks bad but trust me it’s pretty good

    ᒪITTᒪᗴ ᘜᗩᒪᒪYᒪITTᒪᗴ ᘜᗩᒪᒪY10 napja
  • "Cnristian and racist" How is this Christian when God said all people are equal?... Most of my family is Christian, with the exception of a few hated witches and Wiccans such as myself... So, like.... WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!

    NeonFoxNeonFox10 napja
  • The fish is a protochristian symbol, if you translate "fish" into ancient greek ( ikhthus) you get an acronym which translates into English as 'Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior'.

    Leviatano OscuroLeviatano Oscuro11 napja
  • him: there are almost no good christian movies me: look up "the star" on netflix

    just some random internet dudejust some random internet dude11 napja
  • finding jeSUS dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

    samuel sochasamuel socha11 napja
  • Pierrot le poisson clown it's not a fake it the original

    Ece TatkanEce Tatkan11 napja
    • yeah

      desate sladedesate slade11 napja
  • Just let Jesus take the wheel

    insanity Leechinsanity Leech11 napja
  • as an atheist, this doesn't affect me, I don't have to think Jesus is good, and judging by this movie....is he?

    Vault CreeperVault Creeper11 napja

    Adrenaline LivingAdrenaline Living11 napja
  • Saberspark: ofFISHially dead My ad: ROBOFISH

  • #savekjshrock

    FishiplayzFishiplayz12 napja

    OldSnail and leaf lover shortsOldSnail and leaf lover shorts12 napja
  • Shark Tales is not based off of Finding Nemo. It's just its own movie.

    Timothy A SchulerTimothy A Schuler12 napja
  • Update finding Jesus 2 comes out May 25 2021

    TerraTerra12 napja
  • Everyone the word Jesus has the letters s u s sus amongus saberspark when you see me I suggest you cover your ears

    Tricia AchordTricia Achord12 napja
  • They just straight up called me scary *rude*

    Henry BattrellHenry Battrell12 napja
  • Fun fact I remember being sat down in my first school (it was really Christian and really bad as a school) with the rest of the school on the last day of a summer term and they put this on Before the movie got to the quarter way through point they turned it off and let us have an extended break for the day

    Some random GuySome random Guy13 napja
  • 6:42 pure art

    Nie WiemNie Wiem13 napja
  • Saberspark: Finding Jesus. Literally everyone: FINDING SUS

    ZAN3GAMETV2089ZAN3GAMETV208913 napja
  • is it just me, or does that sushi fish sound like Takeo from Call Of Duty?

    Awais RafiqueAwais Rafique13 napja

    Terror BirdTerror Bird13 napja
  • Finding memo isn't original it I forgot

    kelvin Oluochkelvin Oluoch13 napja
  • Accually Thier smile creeps me out

    Mayon GoMayon Go13 napja
  • I need to find jesus

    Hallow MasterHallow Master13 napja
  • I thought was finding Jesus (Spanish pronunciation).

    Drunk MonkeyDrunk Monkey13 napja
  • 13:30 You saw that O.K. K.O. & Sonic Crossover, didn't you

    Mary DensonMary Denson13 napja
  • "-and its racist" Yep. Saw THAT coming from a mile away.

    Blip Waz HereBlip Waz Here13 napja
  • *Can’t wait to make a Christian film that encourages people to worship Satan*

    Idiot GoddessIdiot Goddess13 napja
  • the unholy triforce of not jesus

    chick fil a waffle frychick fil a waffle fry13 napja
  • Shark tale isnt a finding nemo rip off

    Stelar MilkStelar Milk14 napja
  • finding jeSUS

    fellafella14 napja
  • As a Muslim 15 black asian girl...I wonder why did they make that a movie-

    LelAngelicaLelAngelica14 napja
  • What the heaven! get it?

    LargePotatoLargePotato14 napja
  • wait why is shark bait in the "ripoffs of finding nemo" group? that movie is literally nothing like finding nemo at all

    Eden EnglandEden England14 napja
  • locating ocean animal honestly at least the animation is slightly okay like if you look up "danny gonzales movie ripoff" you'll have like a million years worth of content "Plan Bee"- Bee Movie "Ratationg" - Ratatoulli "Little Panda Fighter"- Kung Fu Panda god

    Rainbow ButterflyRainbow Butterfly14 napja