Quick Vid: Soul (Review)

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I guess we're ending 2020 on an existential note
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  • Hope y'all had a good and safe holiday season

    SabersparkSaberspark4 hónapja
    • I GOT WIGI(joke)

      ashland playsashland plays9 napja
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    • Pls do review sia movie 'music'

      chimham malaitchimham malait3 hónapja
    • What I don’t understand is that there are real life situations where a person is clinically dead but is brought back to life

      Anonymous 73Anonymous 734 hónapja
    • Can you do we can be heroes next?

      Kevin HernándezKevin Hernández4 hónapja
  • Animation is such a unique and hard concept for people. Many assume it's for children only and those who do know better struggle to find good content. One of the sad things is, the idea that pandering to kids in media is the best way to go. Because kids like more than just battles or jump scares or even bright colors. I loved doctor who at age 6. I grew up on David Tenent and those serious themes. I was prepared to face all the evils of the universe and understood a good bit what that would mean. So, soul will of course vibe with kids! Kids know better than anyone what it's like to have passions pushed on you and to not vibe with em. That's most of childhood, but it's also part of growing. I think Soul was good at putting those heavy thought provoking questions into an entertaining movie. I agree 22 was annoying at times. The end was a crash and burn for me. The second half too. If you dream of being on the big stages and playing music, if it's really something you love, you'll want to continue it. Joe's unhappiness as he made his dream come true felt like.... unrealistic. I've been on the stage, I've had goals change as different options arose. But I can promise that I would do the things I love again and again. I would be on stage my whole life performing if I could! I would do my art everyday, every inspired moment if I could! It's what makes my happy and it's my passion. Then again, I've always known what I wanted to do with my life.

    Marshmallow95506Marshmallow955063 napja
  • As someone who's strongly religious, I didn't have an issue with the movie in general, I really enjoyed it, and I knew it wasn't going to skew toward my beliefs so I didn't have a problem that it didn't. That said, I wasn't a big fan of the inclusion of new-age types of things. The movie presents them as spiritually neutral, whereas my belief is that those spiritual things not allowed or encouraged by God draw on the power of demons instead, so their inclusion and portrayal as spiritually neutral could lead people down a path much darker than they realize. Other than that, though, I really enjoyed the movie, and I thought it was clever to leave the Great Beyond as abstract and unexplored territory. Something about this movie's dialog and characters, especially on earth, felt two or three notches above nearly everything else I've ever watched. People's actions just feel very believable. Dorothea freaking out and calling in another pianist makes total sense, but so does his former student having his back. The guy in the barber shop passing up getting a haircut from the older barber is so relatable, as well, and there was so much good stuff in the barber shop, as many have mentioned. This movie isn't about people making big mistakes, it's not about people failing, it's not about people being arrogant, it's not about characters getting separated, it's just a really thoughtful exploration of an extremely big topic. The ending didn't feel as powerful as Coco or Inside Out, but this movie is still fantastic.

    -WoF- DarkNewton-WoF- DarkNewton8 napja
  • If they released Soul in theaters in 6 months or a year, I would seriously consider seeing it even though I've seen it twice already, and I rarely want see a movie in theaters.

    -WoF- DarkNewton-WoF- DarkNewton8 napja
  • Spoliers I felt the same way too, I think Joe should have died in the end, but when he walked down his hallway, his previous perception of his “mundane, meaningless life” would be replaced with moments of him enjoying his life. So the whole journey with 22 wasn’t pointless, he learnt to appreciate his own life. It may not sounds fair that he died in such a young age, but that’s what life is like, it’s never fair. For me as an audience, it would teaches me to appreciate life even more because unlike Joe, I am still living and I’ve got the chance to create more “moments” for my own hallway. And even though Joe died at the end, he actually got a second chance to reconnect with his mum and fulfilled his dream too, which was nice.

    RainydaysXDRainydaysXD10 napja
  • also, I am disappointed that they didn't show 22's future- I mean ever since 22 was introduced I wanted to know their future on earth, their name, etc! but still it was a great movie,

    anas charmanas charm16 napja
  • don't worry! kids can enjoy it, honestly for family movie night, my younger 6 year old brother loved it! ✅🤗💕🌏

    anas charmanas charm16 napja
  • Well I loved the animation, but I just didn't really care much about the movie. I mean, yes it had a great message but the two main characters just were not really all that likable to me. But I do like the barber and I admired how despite that he didn't get his dream job, he was still able to be happy and grateful for what he did have and that's awesome! But all in all, I didn't really care for Soul and I prefer Coco. It's okay if anybody else has a different opinion than me and enjoyed Soul.

    AfanofUnikittyandTrollsAfanofUnikittyandTrolls16 napja
  • Meh Soul was alright, it wasn't great but i wasn't bad

    Jack TraynorJack Traynor17 napja
  • I think Joe should’ve become a real mentor instead of getting a second chance at life.

    Lunar DragonLunar Dragon20 napja
  • 2:44 There is a cat in the background something i did not notice when i was wathcing

    Hadi santamariaHadi santamaria21 napja
  • I live in NY

    TheMasonfrom3RTheMasonfrom3R22 napja
  • unpopular opinion: soul was 100000000x better than inside out, I still get emotional and tear up EVERY time I watch it

    Alyse HeinAlyse Hein24 napja
  • "I think Joe should've died" But then the entire movie would be pointless Because the entire premise is that Joe to see that the small things in life and live his life To kill him at the end would be ... To throw that whole plot point away for sad climax fodder

    Dr. PepperDr. Pepper29 napja
  • I personally loved this movie. A Paul rule my favorite from Pixar. My only complaint is that I wished it was more focused on his music and his purpose after he didn’t feel fulfilled by his big break, but I’m still really happy with the direction they took it in with the afterlife and all that. The message really hit home for me as I’m graduating high school really soon and need to start making choices for the future about my life, and it really hit in the heart. Amazing movie for me

    Gabriella FerrazGabriella FerrazHónapja
  • I really liked the idea of "where," do we come from or how exactly we develope personalities/hobbies. Although I did keep interrupting my focus from the movie by comparing it to how in reality, parents/adult figures can shape us into how we are in some ways or how we change hobbies/interests as we grow. I'll have to watch the movie again without comparing it to real life and just watch. I do remember feeling confused about Joe's death like I wasn't sure if I preferred him alive or not at the end.

    Alex RoseAlex RoseHónapja
  • I think you can argue that this film has somewhat of a higher power. It seems to gods but not just one god the way I see it.

    Mikayla WilliamsMikayla WilliamsHónapja
  • Honestly, I didn’t think I’d care for this movie but I cried 3 times. My mom cried 0 times and I questioned her heavily

    Mikey12b JMMikey12b JMHónapja
  • I honestly think it was a animated movie for adults and teens. If that was Pixar and Disney is actual intentions then I applaud them for breaking that wall and trying to tap in to that audience for the two organizations.

    Ghadir SmallwoodGhadir SmallwoodHónapja
  • Soul is an extension of me overthinking life *also I relate to soul 22 an unhealthy amount* *if my friends want suicide I will show them this :)*

    Mindy Animates STUFF :DMindy Animates STUFF :DHónapja
  • My daughter who is 10 loves the movie.

    Kandys TorresKandys TorresHónapja
  • It's not a cat. Someone does not remotely understand cats... and it's overweight. Actually, it's a raccoon. Really hard to forgive such poor observation... but so Disney.

  • disney before: haha hehe youtube rewind guy genie now disney now: life is completly meaningless

  • I’ve watched this 8 times😅

    Avery KellyAvery KellyHónapja
  • I think it also has the message of you don't need to know what your purpose is. For anyone starting a new chapter in life

    nnioop nnioopnnioop nnioopHónapja
  • Here's a very interesting thing about the religious point. I watched the movie with my mother who is way into Christianity and she had no qualms with the movie as she could interpret all of the aspects of the afterlife and before life as part of God's work and his divine plans which makes me happy that people with different perspectives can still enjoy the movie without their beliefs ruining the experience.

  • I love the fact there are no real villains in this movie

    Jinhunter SlayJinhunter SlayHónapja
  • Yeah but, but... what about that poor cat?!? 😆

    Kevin PalivecKevin PalivecHónapja
  • I was raised Mormon, this seemed very Mormon honestly but that's just my view. Being an atheist and having studied other beliefs I would say that this could also fit into several others but reminds me SO much of Saturday's Warriors (fellow ex-Mormons and Mormons should know what I'm talking about).

    Takhil The KirinTakhil The Kirin2 hónapja
  • Their number names mean which soul they were, like soul 44,888 would be the 44,888’th soul, so that means 22 would be MILLIONS of years old

    Chef RavioChef Ravio2 hónapja
  • I did not expect to love this movie so much. It's beautiful. The only way it could have been perfect was if he didn't get a second chance, and embraced that his time is up. So his sacrifice meant something.

    Bose-EinsteinBose-Einstein2 hónapja
  • This is a hard topic to tackle tbh. You have theists and atheists in the world and it can't represent everyone's worldview. Even among religions - there are so many variants of everything. Staying away from that was a good choice, imo.

    MelvinMelvin2 hónapja
  • The sign spinning guy was the greatest character

    Owl TacticsOwl Tactics2 hónapja
  • Haha Pete the only guy that can make adults cry in animation form deng

    szewei1985szewei19852 hónapja
  • Honestly just could watch half of this movie, but i already loved it. Plan to continue till the end

    LazyBunnyLynLazyBunnyLyn2 hónapja
  • I really liked this one. I'm white but I feel they actually got a lot of input from black people when they were making this. Tina Fey voicing Joe for a bit was a little weird though ahah.

    phanfingerphanfinger2 hónapja
  • I watched Soul last night, and it was cool. I will review this in my video that I will post tomorrow called My Top 5 Best (Favorite) Movies 2.

    Pud GormanPud Gorman2 hónapja
  • I agree 22 wasn’t a great character. Honestly, I was pretty annoyed with her. I understand her purpose and why they made her like that, but there are points where it feels like it goes on too long

    SpiraSpira2 hónapja
  • Don't get me wrong Its a great movie But wolf walkers beated the crap out of it

    Speedy BoiSpeedy Boi2 hónapja
  • 22 clicked with me because we share the same feelings on "meaning of life". There isnt really anything that i really want to do, nothing inspires me as much as thinking how beautiful the smell of food is, the concept of life or the flutter of a maple seed to the ground and thinking about how one day that could be a giant tree. So i appreciate that part of 22 and i understand that with that thinking why you would feel like this annoyed sad character in the spirit realm where you dont get to see that.

    Velocity RaptorVelocity Raptor2 hónapja
  • I loved this movie it made me cry

    Seen da BeenSeen da Been2 hónapja
  • Stay awesome and stay safe 💖

    ••PIZZA VAL•• AKA Fun Unicorn••PIZZA VAL•• AKA Fun Unicorn2 hónapja
  • The timing of a disney+ Soul ad right as I click. Thanks youtube...

    ChrisChris2 hónapja
  • soul felt more like an adult movie than a kids movie to me (in a good way)

    Zaddy ZoopZaddy Zoop2 hónapja
  • What's with everyone having twitter instead of facebook?

    mig0171mig01712 hónapja
    • @JaxonArts ok 😮😮😮😮

      mig0171mig01712 hónapja
    • Facebook is an app where moms flex their kids

      JaxonArtsJaxonArts2 hónapja
  • I just watched that movie 2 daya ago

    ʀɛɖ。 ɮӼռռɨӼʀɛɖ。 ɮӼռռɨӼ2 hónapja
  • For me, Soul feels like a Studio Ghibli movie. Everyone can watch and have different point of view about the story. When you're a kid, you see a movie telling the adventure of a men in the great beyond/before. When you're an adult, you see a movie telling you a moral. What reminds me of Ghibli feelings when watching is the scenes when there is no action and just a character doing his things (like the Pixar Popcorn short about Soul).

    도마 PandaJoueur도마 PandaJoueur2 hónapja
  • Idk man, it was a little hard for me to get attached to him. I got there, but it made me empathize with 22 more than him. He was pretty self absorbed throughout the movie until the end, at least to me, but I did like how they showed how u can be consumed by ambition without living

    Holly BrawnerHolly Brawner2 hónapja
  • Toy Story: "what if toys had feelings?" Monsters Inc: "what if monsters had feelings?" Cars: "what if cars had feelings?" Ratatoille: "what if rats had feelings?" Looking for Nemo: "what if fish had feelings?" Inside Out: "What if feelings had feelings?" Soul: "what if black people had feelings?

    Tio TsuTio Tsu2 hónapja
  • I’m twelve but I get the movie I have watched it and I love it and I have felt that way when I was bullied and stuff like that physically and emotionally

    Paradowgamimg1Paradowgamimg12 hónapja
  • I saw this movie very recently and I have to say that it was really entertaining! I am actually glad that 'Joe' accepted the second chance to live in the end; even though he would have been perfectly satisfied with just going to heaven, just because he got to live his dream of "Jazzing" with his idol does not mean that he had nothing left to live for at all. But I can't help but feel that even though it was not his time to die he was meant to in the first place in order to meet "22"; so that they could unintentionally help each other out even if that wasn't what they were trying to do at all, call it destiny or fate if you will. I mean it can't be just pure coincidence that out of all those many little ghost creatures which were a lot; he gets paired up with the only one that is basically the odd-one-out and who really needed some encouragement and motivation,not to mention he wasn't even supposed to be a "mentor" at all so they were both pretty much out of place.

    ScarySara93ScarySara932 hónapja
  • I’d give this film a 6.5/10. Great idea and premise but it didn’t give itself enough time to focus on it, and didn’t do it very well

    Ace QAce Q2 hónapja
  • *Spoliers* I feel like if Joe would have gone into the great beyond at the end would have made the film very anemic, and would have made every point of his development very worthless and have been worthless to the moral of the story. People would probably praise it for being deep or dark or what not but I don't think that would have been best from a story telling perspective. I think the movie nailed it by just cutting to credits after he says he doesn't know what he is going to do with his new outlook, leaving the door open since the entire big revel of the movie was that the spark isn't one's purpose, but simply their passion. Joe always knew his passion, now he goes and finds his purpose which he does not know, and I think that is the deepest cut the movie makes there. Not crazy optimistic or preachy like he knows exactly what life is all about and he is going to go become some amazing helpful person. but not as depressing as if he chose not to go back, he is going to live is life, because that is what life is about.

    Lucina WalkerLucina Walker2 hónapja
  • me, a nineyear old, that used to be suicidal: b r u h also if they do this why dont they make a movie with a suicidal main character

    ThePyroMageThePyroMage2 hónapja
  • Pixar always makes great films. Fun fact: the reason 22 has such a low number is because she has been there for so long.

    Aoi ShizukiAoi Shizuki3 hónapja
  • In my religion, there is a big emphasis on the balance between Mercy and Justice. The Jerry's and Terry's reminded me a lot of that.

    Michael ChesnutMichael Chesnut3 hónapja
  • I really wish they would’ve shown who 22 became in the end. Like, at least hearing a baby crying to show that They had been born.

    WildCrunchyWildCrunchy3 hónapja
  • It was fine. At first I thought it was a cheap knockoff of Inside Out, but then I realized how unique it was from the other movie. Even though Pixar might've reused the idea a little, I thought it was fine. Not the best, but not the worst.

    eggy yteggy yt3 hónapja
  • 2:05 he went to Brazil

    AsderAsder3 hónapja
  • Hahaha Who is Joe?

    Iyerikhon LauronIyerikhon Lauron3 hónapja
  • I JUST watched it now. I thought the ending was perfect. It does seem out-of-nowhere that Joe was just given a second chance, but think about it. We will never know what Joe is gonna do. Continue being a jazz pianist, continue or quit being a middle school band teacher; there is no set in stone ending. All we can do is guess what Joe will do, and I thought that move by Pixar was fantastic. It reminds me of the ending to Monsters Inc. where the film ended with Boo saying hi to Sully after he opened her reconstructed door. What I loved about both endings was that there was no definitive ending. In other words, those films don’t really end with “The End”. They leave you there to guess what’ll happen next based on how you felt throughout the film.

    CorpralWillCorpralWill3 hónapja
  • Don't read when you didn't watched the Movie yet!! Soo i agree I think for the Art of the Movie they should let him Die bcs in the End he was in the point who he said "Its time for me to go" but im still happy about the Ending that came out bcs they still had a very good massage behind it :3 "Live your life to the last limit and enjoy it with your Friends,Familie and People you will met in the future" ^^

    Janora CatJanora Cat3 hónapja
  • Hey kids can understand theme like life and death especially if they relate with 22 I would have, and i watch a 7 year old understand the animal abuse scenes in batman beyond so there

    Imani IslanderImani Islander3 hónapja
  • Soul is one of the best animated film so far..

    Janus bartolomeJanus bartolome3 hónapja
  • the fact that this movie just gave up on merchandises and created a deep story who ever proposed this I'm hyped of their next movie

    Jazen AzarusJazen Azarus3 hónapja
  • The ending you wanted was actually their original idea, but they tweaked it to where Joe gets a second chance, simply cause (also like you said) they thought it was a bit too dark and didn't feel right. i'm fine with the ending, but Joe getting a second chance felt a bit ''sudden'', if you know what i mean. i loved the movie, personally, even got me to cry quite a few times. even got me to look at life in a slightly different way then how i used to, and enjoy those small things that Joe calls ''regular old living'' more aswell. 22 as a character i also really enjoyed and the way how her personality changed as the movie went on. (idk, i think i just like those kind of characters alot in movies) I'm happy that Joe went back to ''The Zone'' to try and look for 22 to fix those mistakes he made with her and basically tell her that she does have a purpose. (seeing her as a lost soul broke my heart, tbh). overal great film that i have been recommending to my friends (including a few that could use a push like that, as in, the message the film is trying to get across, the movie did help those friends) P.S: i'm kinda hoping that Pixar will do a sequel in which we see how 22 is gonna live her life, how Joe is doing, if Terry is still gonna get after Joe for ''cheating'' life (i don't see that trick they did to fool Terry working forever. xD). idk, i just see quite a few possible ways to do a sequel with.

    DjBasADjBasA3 hónapja
  • Favorite movie, no doubt. I just love the message, how it’s portrayed, and it made me feel a certain way that no movie ever has

    ZombieSkittlesZombieSkittles3 hónapja

    Chaser788Chaser7883 hónapja
  • I thought this was about a piano player who made it to the big leagues

    NoarkTheGreatNoarkTheGreat3 hónapja
  • As a Christian i didn't get offended by this movie

    Ben WalkerBen Walker3 hónapja
  • Honestly I feel like it gets too much flack than it deserves. My mom and I cried lot, it was super entertaining and kind of satisfying

    ShenniereShenniere3 hónapja
  • Food

    ReptopiaReptopia3 hónapja
  • 5:03 That part reminded me of the Hollows in Bleach. Also I kinda liked to think of the Jerry’s and Terry’s as something akin to angels. Just not in the typical appearance you’d expect.

    A BloschA Blosch3 hónapja
  • Ok but there's one scene in the movie where this Korean woman says "where's my pants?!?!" As she descents to heaven. Which had me thinking a bit what was the cause of her death

    UsagiUsagi3 hónapja
  • Strange film to be sure, clearly made for adults this time though children can of course watch too. And they knew it and still allowed it which is amazing. I thought Disney was only about the safe $ now, so that was a pleasant surprise.

    Z ZZ Z3 hónapja
  • Ok, but I was so excited to see what 22 would look like in the living world :'(

    The Rainbow RiderThe Rainbow Rider3 hónapja
  • I hate this film due to the facts that it makes no god damn sense. A soul has a personality before they’re alive? Shouldn’t the experiences of life shape the personality rather than when exist beforehand? This doesn’t make sense to me which makes me hate this so much. It’s another one of Disney’s shitty throw-outs. Other than that it’s decent but it’s not exactly my cup of tea, I hate this dramatic soap operas made by Disney. I just keep finding new reasons to hate Disney everyday. Don’t get me wrong, pirates of the Caribbean series is on of my favorite movie series. But since about 2017 Disney has begun to become unstable and started becoming a consuming production studio. It went after animal planet, lucasfilm, and marvel. I predict that they’re going to go after Sony for real or dream-works. I loath their guts out of their mouth and into their asshole. I like the products not the corporate biggots.

    TheCelestialMercenaryTheCelestialMercenary3 hónapja
  • You never have anything good to say about good movie is kids movie and bad movies you say ya that's good and say bunch of good thing that dont have any good thing only bad thing how do you have million subscribers when you just say the marketing is good what the movie is amazing not the marketing 🥡

    weasel dudweasel dud3 hónapja
  • Man idk if 16 counts as a kid kid but this movie made me cry twice and gave me like seven existential crisis’s

    Spectrum SpellboundSpectrum Spellbound3 hónapja
  • Seee... I would agree that it would be *nice* to have an ending where he stays dead.... buuuuut he didn't really have a great life... He was miserable because he put so much focus on just the music part of it that he never really took the time to enjoy life... If they had put that this *wasn't* the case.... Theeeeen it would have been fine.

    Am CheezeAm Cheeze3 hónapja
  • The 'Great Beyond' just reminds me of Sausage Party

    Mo DusMo Dus3 hónapja
  • I totally agree with your outlook on the end. He saw his life didn't have any meaning, but he found his life meaning in helping another live.

    Robbie RobinsonRobbie Robinson3 hónapja
  • The only problem I have with this movie is I found it a bit fast paced, and thats it. Other than that a beautiful movie.

    Rex OffenderRex Offender3 hónapja
  • Haven't seen the movie yet, however on Sabers comment 'I don't think it will vibe with kids that much'... Probably not. However, from what I experienced on my own, I think that children watching this movie will remember it vaguely, and growing up will come back to it when they need or want to understand it better - in other words, it might become one of those movies that connects generations in near future, one that people grow into to understand better when they need the message.

    ColinColin3 hónapja
  • im a christian and i never thought about my religion so dont worry im not the only one either

    the memorable novelistthe memorable novelist3 hónapja
  • I think the deep religious people would freak out saying the deities afterlife is a lie.

    Iago TrentiniIago Trentini3 hónapja
    • Someone in one of the trailer’s comment sections said to boycott the movie for encouraging the belief of reincarnation.

      Kara_ theWolf75Kara_ theWolf753 hónapja
  • Honestly the parts of the movie, last 30 minutes or so, had me bawling

    Xami NortXami Nort3 hónapja
  • Soul is just amazing

    •s ø c k••s ø c k•3 hónapja

    ColinCartoonsColinCartoons3 hónapja
  • Wait where was here funny cowboy dance

    ColinCartoonsColinCartoons3 hónapja
  • Im glad someone agrees! it just would have been a lot more powerful if Joe died and just accepted it and was okay with it instead of the second chance

    Elizabeth DraperElizabeth Draper3 hónapja
  • joe’s mama

    Chris PChris P3 hónapja
  • I almost cried, I was thiiiiiis close. 22 really hit home for me, especially later in the film. Unfortunately I was watching with my friends and they started laughing at me. So that was rough

    Eirhan HayesEirhan Hayes3 hónapja
  • Soul: Aka the grubhub guy and dimple from mob psycho 100 go on a misadventure

    Toby SpeightToby Speight3 hónapja
  • 22 actually has no gender but is speculated to be Ellie from UP

    syappi salamatsyappi salamat3 hónapja
    • Pixar said she goes by female pronouns

      Kara_ theWolf75Kara_ theWolf753 hónapja
  • I really appreciate the focus on life and pre life rather than after life. It tells a much more unique story than a final judgment story

    Salem NightlarkSalem Nightlark3 hónapja
  • 22 goes on to become a dictator in Russia

    TopSkulTopSkul3 hónapja
  • I also appreciate the fact that one of the doctors seemed South Asian . While we’re a while away to get more south Asian representation in animated films, the fact that they didn’t need to, but did include that doctor is something I really appreciate

    Akheel KaleAkheel Kale3 hónapja
  • Joe is like the Disney princess when it comes to wanting more out of life 👑

    Marcella DMarcella D3 hónapja
  • 12 minutes is a 'quick' vid.

    MoKuZaiMoKuZai3 hónapja